Features of your ride

Your ride should be:


Safety is the most important aspect of all riding. Position and speed must always be sacrificed for safety, but safety must never be sacrificed for any reason. The rider's objective is to maintain safe progress by identifying hazards early and planning how to deal with them safely and efficiently.

The four key skills of advanced motorcycling are Concentration, effective all round Observation, Anticipation and Planning. Advanced motorcycling is using these skills properly and coordinating them with good handling skills to ensure that your riding is . . . .


The System of Motorcycle Control is a way of approaching and negotiating all situations that is safe, methodical, and leaves nothing to chance. Riding to a system draws all your riding skills together so that you can deal with an unpredictable environment in a methodical and logical way and have time to select the best position, speed and gear to negotiate all hazards safely and efficiently.


If your motorcycle control and handling skills are properly coordinated with your perceptual and awareness skills, your riding will not only be safe and systematic, but it will also be smooth. Nothing should look or feel hurried. The three main considerations are rider comfort, motorcycle stability and motorcycle sympathy.

Speed ... (correct use of)

The ability to make progress is an important advanced riding skill, but progress must never compromise safety. Inappropriate speed (excessive speed for the circumstances, regardless of the statutory limit) is dangerous and unacceptable. Advanced riders understand this and know that speed limits are limits, and not targets. They use their perceptual and awareness skills to identify when they should impose their own speed limit on themselves, (within the statutory speed limit), depending on circumstances.

The four S's of Advanced Driving, (Safety, System, Smoothness and (correct use of) Speed ensures that the rider makes progress with skill and responsibility and is always at the right place on the road at the right time, travelling at the right speed with the correct gear engaged for that speed and can always stop safely in the distance that can be seen to be clear.