Feedback on Better Biking training

I attended two, one-to-one, slow riding training sessions with Alec as part of my preparations for the IAM / IMI National Observer Assessment (which I subsequently passed). Put simply - brilliant tuition from a first class coach. It's impossible not to gain from the experience of spending time training with Alec. Top tuition from an expert. I have no hesitation in recommending Alec as a Motorcycle trainer, particularly if you want to take your riding to a higher level.
Brian P.

I came to Alec in preparation for the RoSPA Diploma to get up to "Gold". His years of experience put him at a higher level than other riders. He is as quick and safe as any rider could possibly be. On his BMW RT he looks as relaxed as sitting in an armchair and about to fall asleep, but I couldn’t catch him on my Kawasaki ZX-10R in spite of all my track day experience. I would recommend Alec for any aspect of training.
David R.

It is a gift to be able to see ourselves as others see us. When there is someone as knowledgeable and experienced as Alec riding behind, the feedback is invaluable. My riding ability, safety and confidence has benefited greatly from the training and observation I have received.
Phil T.

With Alec's wealth of riding experience and knowledge I was lucky enough to be observed by him. This enabled me to gain a F1RST, which then led me on to becoming a trainee observer. With his constant feedback and open, approachable way of training it has been an uphill but enjoyable learning curve that got me signed off as a local observer. Alec, I thank you.
Pete A

Alec’s ability to spot what is going on, how to improve and then communicate effectively is amazing; combined with obvious passion to see riders develop!  Absolutely A1!!
Andy B.

Having been away from motorcycling for several years and wanting to build both confidence and a system I could practice and develop I found Alec's system of training to be the perfect fit for my experience and requirements. A session with Alec on slow riding taught me how to control the bike and perform manoeuvres at slow speed competently and confidently. Developing on from this on the road and practising the system of "Roadcraft" as well as seeing it performed as it should be has provided an invaluable set of skills that I have put into practice and built on during each and every ride. A friendly, professional service tailored to each individual and I would highly recommend for anyone wishing to improve their skill and enjoyment of their motorcycle.
Andrew M.

Having returned to motorcycling about five years ago, I decided that my skill set was lacking and joined the IAM. I have now passed my green badge and am training to be an observer through SAM. My riding skills have improved immeasurably both in terms of my road skills and slow riding in no small part due to Alec's excellent tuition and his team that he has around him. His relaxed friendly approach helps get the best out of you and his wealth of knowledge is extensive. He always has an anecdote and some funny stories to tell but all are with the sole intention of improving safety on the roads. I would thoroughly recommend him, he is genuinely a really nice bloke with an enthusiasm for motorcyclists' safety at the core of his training.
Ian C.

Alec is both professional and approachable and I found his teaching style easy to work with. He was always keen to expand on any queries I had and offered expert advice when asked. Under Alec’s supervision my riding has improved dramatically allowing me to pass both the SAM Advanced Plus and the IAM Local Observer training within the same year. Thanks Alec.
Andy B.

I found the times we rode together gave me a valuable insight into the small changes I could make that would give me more time, to make good decisions and improve my progress, whilst allowing me more of a safety margin. I am also amazed by the quality and diversity of routes you are aware of that make rides suitably challenging and very enjoyable. This is something I will be trying to work on as part of my development as a future observer.
Darren H.

Your slow riding course was fast paced and a super fun way to learn an essential skill, since each journey starts slow, goes fast in the middle and ends slow. I swear even 'Ninja' had a smile on her fairing after she learned a new trick or two on your course. I am looking forward to the next course soon.
Graham M.

So I thought I was the bees knees riding my Hayabusa when I first met Alec and I certainly remember his words after our first ride, ‘Well you can certainly ride that thing’. But I knew the reality, he had let me have my head and when I was going really well had easily passed me and continued in a serene manner that I envied. I thought, I want a bit of that – no a lot of that. Alec always encourages whilst gently showing you the gap between where you are and good. He makes you want to close that gap and gives you the incentive to make yourself better. He is a man who practices what he preaches and all who ride with him learn both theory and application. Thanks Alec and I appreciate our continued relationship.
Mark P.

An afternoon with Alec just showed me that we never stop learning, even after 30 years of riding, IAM membership and Level 1 and 2 at the California Superbike School. Yes I could make progress on the road, but still Alec saw a way to improve my riding further. On one of our stops he taught me about "cheese and elastic"! Since then my overtakes have been smoother, safer and more enjoyable.  Thanks Alec.
Steve T.

I've done some on the road training and slow riding with Alec and both these elements of motorcycle riding were extremely well presented, structured and demonstrated by him. I found the slow riding course to be particularly helpful because this is such a difficult and intimidating subject if, like me, you do not want to drop your bike! Alec's positive, clear and helpful course took me in just three hours from being an awkward, nervous paddler to being confident, smooth and with a safe level of machine control. Thank you Alec!
Rodger B.

Having ridden motorcycles for over 40 years, I had developed some good riding skills but also, no doubt, some bad habits. With work and family competing for my time, my riding in recent years was 90% commuting. With time to ride more, I needed a boost to my confidence and wanted to know that I was riding as safely as possible. To this end I have now had several half day lessons with Alec and he has been brilliant. I am far more confident, smooth and faster, yet a whole ton safer. Alec is an inspiration and every session with him is a eye-opener that leaves you grinning and wanting more. My goal is to achieve RoSPA Gold and I'm pretty confident that with Alec's help, I will achieve that.
Jim H.

I like the fact Alec didn’t criticise my riding at all during training. He highlighted areas for improvement and coached me through techniques I didn’t understand. He helped me to help myself and as a result my riding improved significantly. 
George H.

After passing my original IAM test over 33 years ago and not having greatly ridden since 1984 until 2011, it just shows that with the correct guidance and training, with a proper willingness by the participant, what can be achieved and this in my opinion is what you have done for me, re-installing greater confidence and up-to-date procedures and knowledge which in the 70s was not available. A very big thank you for all your help, support, training and guidance during our sessions and I would like to continue with the training to get to the next stage.
Andy A. (the happy biker)


Two points: first I wanted a brush up on skills prior to my trip to France; you know IPSGA but on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. Secondly slow riding skills prior to my RoSPA retest, I got a silver previously and now have a gold. Points made I think.

Carl C.


I started off with slow riding training with Alec. His tips and the non critical approach made me pick up the skill quickly and feel confident. Subsequent rides I went out with Alec were both enjoyable and gave me opportunity pick up other skills. particularly to overtake and safely follow vehicles. All of these skills helped me to pass the IAM advanced rider test first time.


Having passed my Advanced Test in 2011, early in 2013 I thought it was time to refresh / extend my capabilities and applied to prepare for the Advanced Plus. I was lucky enough to have Alec take me under his wing, along with another participant; the three of us got on well and under Alec’s wealth of knowledge and experienced guidance we both achieved success in our endeavours. As they say, you never stop learning and with Alec providing the ‘know how’, it’s a real joy to undertake. To be recommended to anyone wanting to hone their skills further.
Peter G

I am an advanced motorcyclist observer and so have been through the course and got my green badge. This, however, turns out to be the just start of things to come. I have been out training with Alec quite a few times over the time I have known him and at the end of each ride I have come away knowing more than when we started. It is this passing of knowledge that Alec excels at and his ability to get it over to you in a way that you like, whether this be the direct approach or the more subtle approach. Always a pleasure to go out with you Alec. Thanks for everything. 
Ian C.

I went out with Alec for a few sessions prior to taking the RoSPA test, I found his evaluation of my riding to be accurate, and the advice given clear, concise and what was required to bring me back up to standard, in fact RoSPA Gold standard.
I ride most days, 18~20,000 miles a year. As a result my riding has become safer, and much more enjoyable, I'd recommend a few sessions with Alec to anyone, whether they think they need it or not.

I am a member of the IAM, and gained my green badge through Solent Advanced Motorcyclists. During my time with the club I have attended Slow Riding Training (I & II),  and have had two assessed rides with Alec. Alec has a gentle delivery, and his observations go straight to the heart of any issues you might be having as a rider. As a result of his input, and the input of the team of observers he leads, my riding and confidence levels have improved out of all recognition.
Charlie H.

Alec is the Chief Observer at Solent Advanced Motorcyclists, he has been instrumental in raising and maintaining standards in the club, in addition he has bought me up to Senior Observer level; you never stop learning.
Colin H.

I took up motorcycling about  6 years ago, after getting my full biking licence many years before, when the test involved a ride around the block, and had not ridden since. After buying my first bike, I soon realised I was out of my depth, Alec soon noticed my predicament I started some training with him. I was trying to do too much too quickly. His advice of starting slowly and doing things in small increments enabled me to build my confidence, and make the progress I had been unable to make before. Thank you Alec.
Paul J.

I'm more than happy to endorse your training skills!
Cliff S.

Asking someone to put your riding skills under the microscope can be a daunting prospect. But Alec's easy going manner and matter-of-fact approach to instruction soon put me at ease. Every aspect of your technique is assessed and practical suggestions for improvement are communicated clearly and accurately. Thanks to Alec, I passed my IAM test first time.
Nigel P.

Without doubt, you are very knowledgeable and skilled on the riding front and equally as knowledgeable on local geography... and without the Sat Nav aid! During our training time together, I'd say that my positioning, confidence at entering and going around bends, planning and reading the road, overtaking and having the confidence that the machine has great power and acceleration to make the safe progress, all improved. Slow riding was a really good experience and without doubt gave me that bit of extra skill and confidence. There's nothing better than on a sunny and warm day in Spring, than to travel the unfamiliar local roads enjoying the challenges of the almost perfect sweeping bends and what may lay beyond. I thoroughly enjoyed our training sessions with you.
John S.

I was very grateful to Alec in the early days as it pushed my riding skills and ability to the limit. Best exercise of his slow riding training is the "Look, Lean and Roll" exercise. It proves invaluable on the road and track for getting around the bends efficiently.
Tony E.

I met Alec through Solent Advanced Motorcyclists (SAM). I am a current Class 1 Advanced Police Motorcyclist and Driver. Alec encouraged me to become a Senior Observer within SAM. His enthusiasm and passion for motorcycling and his excellent style of instruction, in particular his debriefing, are a constant source of inspiration to me. Thanks mate!
John A.

I did my observer training for Solent Advanced Motorcyclists with Alec, the club’s chief observer. I found the experience both professional and enjoyable. His enthusiasm and dedication have done much to improve the riding standard at the club.
Bill G

Having passed my RoSPA test at gold, Alec trained me as a bike instructor for RoSPA; as a result of which, not only did I pass my instructor test first time but the methods he used, and the way he interacts with people further improved my confidence and abilities. I would highly recommend Alec for anybody wishing to improve their riding skills at whatever level and gain a better understanding of what it takes to be a good, safe rider.
Paul N.

I am in the early stages of my advanced rider training, my learning curve has been steep but Alec’s style of coaching is clear, pragmatic and inspiring. I would thoroughly recommend Alec’s service to anybody serious about developing their riding
Matthew B.