Becoming a better biker - riding skills

If you feel you would benefit from improving your riding skills, read on …. See what happens!

Based in West Berkshire, within easy reach of the great motorcycling roads of the Thames Valley, Sussex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset, Better Biking allows people to ride or observe better, safer and smoother than before.

From those just starting out on their biking careers to experienced riders, Better Biking will take your riding to a higher and safer level. From wherever you are now, there is a course for you:

Guaranteed, it will change your riding. The intention is that you should get the very best from your motorcycle and at the same time increase your safety margins.

The goal is to achieve an advanced riding technique, showing confidence, accuracy, safety and a smooth, polished ride at every speed. And if you have ways of thinking that are preventing you from doing that, the additional aim is to eliminate those too.

It will deliver you a method of riding which you can use every day. The method and the techniques will quickly become your natural style. This will allow you safe and smooth progress in even the most difficult of roads and traffic conditions.

The quality of observation and feedback on your riding is among the highest available. It will more than meet your needs and present or desired standard.

Having established an understanding of your riding background and experience, there will be a briefing covering riding theory and skill development. The rest of the session is spent on the road. Invariably, we find a pleasant location - friendly cafe, teahouse or pub - for a break and/or debrief at the end of the ride.

Remember that the aim is for you to ride more safely while getting the most from your bike. This may mean that after coaching you ride at the same speed, but your safety margins are considerably increased and your comfort level is on another plane.

What the Advanced Plus Rider Development Course includes: