Becoming a better biker - slow riding skills

Slow Riding Skills helps you to build up your confidence in filtering through traffic and turning in confined spaces. If you are preparing for advanced training or observing tests, they will let you meet the test requirements.

There are many competent riders, not just those new to riding, and some who already hold advanced riding certificates, who have surprisingly undeveloped slow riding skills. They therefore lack confidence in being able to make progress by filtering through traffic. They ponderously paddle their bikes around in confined spaces instead of doing a quick elegant turn. There are others who obtained their motorcycle licence before the advent of CBTs and may never have had to do any slow riding in a safe, controlled environment.

If this sounds like you and you would like to see yourself riding slowly with confidence and panache, sign up for a unique session dedicated to giving you the skill blocks you need to build on.

This 3-hour course can accommodate one or two riders for detailed coaching in the required skills and concentrates on: